Sylvia enlarged a photo to make a 24 x 32 inch poster using the dilation DQ,4. What are the dimensions, in inches, of the original photo? 3 × 8 6 × 8 12 × 16 18 × 24

Accepted Solution

Answer:6 × 8Step-by-step explanation:Since the dilation factor is 4, and the image was ENLARGED, that means the original photo was smaller.  Smaller by a factor of 4.So, we take the new dimensions (24x32) and we divide each side by the dilation factor of 4:(24/4) x (32/4) = 6 x 8It couldn't be the first answer choice (3x8) because  that doesn't maintain the ratio of the enlarge picture.  The other possible answers do match the right ratio... but only 6x8 is scaled by a factor of 4.