Refer to angle HIJ at the right. Tell whether each statement is true.

Accepted Solution

See explanations on angles in an isosceles triangleStep-by-step explanation:5. ∠H=∠J⇒True, base angles of an isosceles triangle are equal6. HK=KJ ⇒Trues, length of a line segments with same midpoint are equal7.∠HKI=∠JKI ⇒True, both angles=90°8.ΔHIK≅ΔJIH⇒False, the triangles are not similar,ΔHKI≅ΔJKI⇒True,the triangles are similar9.IK is an altitude⇒True, an altitude of a triangle is a line segment drawn through a vertex  I and perpendicular to a line containing the base HJ10. IK is a median⇒True, a median of a triangle is a line segment joining a vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side hence bisecting that side.Learn MoreIsosceles triangle : : Angles, isosceles triangle#LearnwithBrainly